Spring Forward


I decided to start our new blog not in January as we ring in the new calendar year, but in April; a month of anticipation and patience. This is the month mother nature awakens and holds a promise of new beginnings, even if we can’t see proof of her intention quite yet!

As we closed the door on 2017 our sights turned to new resolutions and promises of change for the new year. But it is April, especially in in New Brunswick and the Atlantic, with the winter months almost behind us, that we breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to the coming of spring, maple syrup, open windows, open waters and …Lobster season!

Tucked in the middle of Spring (March 20th -June 21st) , April is a month of intention and renewal.  And with this spirit, our company too embarks on a new phase. We look forward to sharing our insights and new projects as we continue to be inspired by cultural and natural influences, maritime traditions and some of the more iconic elements of home.

As the snow departs, (and not a moment too soon!), mother nature rouses from her deep sleep, ready to share her next seasonal bounty. We sure know how to enjoy it! Let’s be reminded not to take it for granted and ensure it is respected and in great shape for those coming up behind us.

It is what inspires and defines us!

Happy Earth Day and Happy Spring!